Comments Due to NAFCU: NCUA - OTR Methodology

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August 15, 2017

In a voluntary effort to invite input from stakeholders, the NCUA Board is seeking comments on proposed changes to the Overhead Transfer Rate (OTR) methodology. NAFCU would like to highlight the following:

  • The current OTR methodology was established in 2003 to be an objective measure for recognizing NCUA’s dual role as (1) an insurer and as (2) a charterer, regulator, and supervisor.
  • The methodology employs a cost-accounting analysis to objectively allocate agency resources spent toward this dual role.
  • The proposed changes would reduce the resources needed to administer the OTR, in part, by eliminating the requirement for NCUA staff to account for their time.
  • Under the proposed methodology, federal credit unions would have had to pay $119.2 million in operating fees for 2017, a 24 percent increase from the current fee.

Regulatory Alert: 17-EA-18: NCUA - OTR Methodology (member-only; login required)

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NAFCU will send comments on behalf of its members to the NCUA by their deadline (August 29, 2017).