Meet NAFCU: Larry Palmer


He holds the 'keys to the kingdom'

Larry Palmer, known for his bright smile and ability to make everyone feel welcome, literally holds the keys to the NAFCU kingdom. From onboarding new staff to keeping the building safe and standing, Larry is a familiar – and welcome – presence to all who encounter him.

Larry Palmer is NAFCU's premier motivator

It's difficult to overstate Larry's impact on the NAFCU staff. Let's just say that if we were to hold a popularity contest, Larry would win – hands down. Need a light bulb? Lost your keys? He's on it. Having a bad day? Larry can cheer you up.

Larry-Palmer-NAFCU-BuildingLarry joined NAFCU in 2002 as part of its membership services division. A short time later, he moved to building management and ensuring the safety and soundness of NAFCU's headquarters in Arlington, Va. He is now the senior associate director of administration.

He has worked tirelessly for 15 years maintaining the needs of the NAFCU building and of the NAFCU staff. He is one of the first faces a new hire at NAFCU sees, providing them with access to the building, a general rundown of NAFCU's policies and a personalized tour. He prides himself on his ability to make sure the staff has what it needs to succeed.

Even during off hours – 24/7 – you can find Larry on call and ready to handle anything that is thrown his way.

Larry, native to the Northern Virginia area, also stays busy raising his 16-year-old daughter.

NAFCU is happy to provide this man with the "keys to kingdom" and is thankful for all he does for NAFCU and its staff.