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Oct 06, 2017

11 ways to be a more likable leader


Being a great leader also requires you to be a well-liked leader. While we often have to make tough business decisions, meet deadlines and keep daily operations running smoothly, we also need to be equally focused on building and maintaining positive relationships.

Developing this kind of likability can only be attained through your actions - how you make people feel -“ not based on how you look or your level of success. contributor Jeff Haden lists 11 habits of "genuinely likable people" -“ habits that will help make a great first impression, and also a great lasting impression. His list includes:

  1. Give before you receive, fully expecting to not receive anything.
  2. Shift the spotlight to other people.
  3. Listen three times more than you talk.
  4. Never practice selective hearing.
  5. Be thoughtful simply because you can.
  6. Put your stuff away.
  7. Never act self-important.
  8. Know that other people are always more important than you.
  9. Choose your words wisely.
  10. Never talk about the failings of other people.
  11. Readily admit your own failings.

Haden writes that leaders need to be "incredibly genuine to be remarkably charismatic."

"Be humble. Share your screwups. Admit your mistakes. Be the cautionary tale. And laugh at yourself," he adds.

Not only will being a well-liked leader increase your staff's morale, it will make those tough business decisions a little easier to handle and keep the daily operations running a little smoother. Follow me on Twitter (@BDanBerger).