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Jul 14, 2017

12 strategies for staying focused on success

Self control

Self-control is a necessary skill but difficult to master. But it's important: Good self-control is the hallmark of emotional intelligence, and it directly affects your level of productivity.

Travis Bradberry, Forbes contributor, discusses 12 behaviors of those who are able to keep themselves under control and productive. "Some are obvious, others counterintuitive, but all will help you minimize those pesky failures to boost your productivity," he writes.

The 12 behaviors include:

- forgiving yourself;

- not saying yes unless you really want to;

- not seeking perfection;

- focusing on solutions;

- not asking "what if?";

- staying positive;

- eating;

- sleeping;

- exercising;

- meditating;

- riding the wave (waiting out your impulses); and

- squashing negative self-talk.

Reining in emotions and learning to control impulses won't happen overnight, but these behaviors are worth thinking through before reacting. And when you do fail to keep yourself in check, don't emphasize the failure. Instead, learn from your mistake, and make a fresh start. Follow me on Twitter (@BDanBerger).