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Oct 13, 2017

4 ways to manage workplace stress


When facing tight deadlines, an inbox full of unread emails and constant demands from others, how do you stay focused and get things done? We all know stress in the workplace is inevitable. However, as leaders, we must maintain a certain level of professionalism in all circumstances and hopefully teach our employees how to do the same.

Forbes contributor Ashley Stahl lists four ways to manage workplace stress. But first and foremost, she suggests taking a deep breath.

Her list includes:

- Eliminate stressful thoughts. "Eliminating stressful thoughts is critical because they can build up over time, resulting in a meltdown or panic attack," she writes. Stahl recommends replacing a stressful thought with a positive one.

- Avoid negative people. Stahl says this tip is particularly important ahead of a big deadline.

- Focus on one thing at a time. Make sure you manage your time and prioritize your to-do list -€“ this will allow you to be fully engaged in each task.

- Break big problems down into smaller chunks. "When you'€™re able to address one part of the project at a time, you can come up with a solution more easily than trying to tackle the entire thing at once," she writes.

Remember, allowing overwhelming feelings to take over your mind and actions will only further delay your productivity.

Any other tips you use to keep workplace stress under control? I'd love to hear them. Follow me on Twitter (@BDanBerger).