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Jun 23, 2017

5 easy mistakes to make and how to avoid making them


We all make mistakes -“ it is part of being human. However, it is how we recognize and handle our errors that can separate good leaders from really great leaders.

Marcel Schwantes, principal and founder of Leadership From the Core, writes in a recent post that there are a "few prevalent leadership mistakes that even the best and smartest leaders tend to make," including:

- The mistake of not giving employees a listening ear. Those leaders that really listen to their employees build trust and make them feel a part of the culture and workplace "family."

- The mistake of not giving employees enough information. It is important to keep our employees in the loop when there are changes happening. This will help overall morale -“ even if the changes taking place aren't the best news.

- The mistake of not coaching their employees. Just like top athletes have a coach, employees should have good managers.

- The mistake of not recognizing their employees. The employee experience is drastically improved when we show appreciation to our teams.

- The mistake of a closed-door policy. Open communication is critical to an organization's success. We should want our employees to talk and share with us as often as possible.

While we can't avoid ever making a mistake, we can be aware of some potential blind spots, including those errors listed above. And when we do make a mistake, we should be quick to acknowledge it and correct the behavior.

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