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Oct 21, 2016

5 habits of inspiring leaders

Berger at MLI
Speaking at NAFCU's Management and Leadership Institute this week. (James Berglie photo)

One of the rewards of being a leader is being able to guide many components – employees, mission, vision, priorities – down a single path toward something greater than the sum of the individual parts.

To achieve this unity, however, you have to be the kind of leader that inspires your team through word and deed. “The mark of a true leader is the ability to encourage the employee commitment and engagement that is the foundation for continued success,” writes Murray Newlands, Entrepreneur contributor.

Newlands lists several habits that those in charge should emulate to become inspiring leaders. The list includes:

  1. They express unerring positivity. Leaders find the positives in every situation.
  2. They are grateful to their team. Make sure team members’ successes don’t go unnoticed.
  3. They have a crystal clear vision for the future. You have to know what you want to inspire others.
  4. They listen. Leaders truly listen and know how to respond appropriately.
  5. They communicate impeccably. Communications need to be clear so that everyone is on board and understands what is expected.

Newlands includes a couple other good habits on his list here.

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