Berger Leadership Blog

Dec 29, 2017

5 suggestions for end-of-year reflections


It is quite common to reflect on accomplishments and challenges from the past year at this time. This kind of reflection can help us get our minds and hearts ready for the year ahead.

As we take this time to reflect and plan, Jessica Stillman, contributor, offers several suggestions to help make this time as productive as possible. Some of her suggestions include:

- Give thanks, in writing. "Counting your blessings strengthens your positivity muscles, putting you on a more optimistic footing for the year ahead," she writes.

- Declutter your space, and your brain. Changes to your physical environment can help you get your head in the right place.

- Remind yourself how much you've learned. Make sure to act on all you've learned.

- Make peace with your failures. Take the lessons you learned and move on.

- Learn to expect the unexpected. Be ready for surprises.

I hope you all enjoy time with those you love and care about this holiday season. I look forward to the year ahead. Follow me on Twitter (@BDanBerger).