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Aug 25, 2017

5 ways to delegate more effectively

NAFCU staff
NAFCU staff

As a manager and leader, delegating is absolutely something you have to do. But as with anything else, there is a right way -“ and there is a wrong way -“ to do it.

For example, delegating a task and then washing your hands of it and hoping for the best is not effective. Likewise, delegating and standing over your team member's shoulder as they complete the task is also not recommended. "Effective delegation means that you know that the task/project that you will delegate will get done at a minimum with the results that you expect," writes Maynard Webb, Forbes contributor.

In a recent article, he includes five steps to make sure you're delegating effectively. They are:

  1. Make sure the team, or person, is able and willing to do the task.
  2. Make sure the people you are delegating to know exactly what success looks like.
  3. Remember that you are still accountable for the results of the task, so make sure your people know that you are there if they need help.
  4. Create small deadlines and milestones throughout the process so you can make sure things are progressing as they should.
  5. Celebrate the team, or person, when they succeed.

When done effectively, delegation will free up your time to lead and innovate in other areas. It will also instill more confidence in your teams and people when they successfully complete a task.

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