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Sep 22, 2017

6 key traits of effective managers

When someone makes the move from team member to manager, there are often some new traits and skills that need to be learned and cultivated in order to be effective.

Google completed a study after analyzing more than 10,000 managers - reviewing performance evaluations, surveys and nominations for top management awards - that identified several habits of the most effective managers.

Michael Schneider, human capital specialist for Welltower, highlights six of these key attributes in an post. They include:

  1. Mindset and values. Having a growth mindset and an identified set of values can empower managers.
  2. Emotional intelligence. The ability to recognize and understand your emotions and others'.
  3. Manager transition. It's OK to be honest and open.
  4. Coaching. Effective managers are also good coaches.
  5. Feedback. It's important to deliver consistent, balanced feedback.
  6. Decision making. Good managers can think through their decisions out loud and seek feedback if needed.

While some of these might seem obvious, they are proven attributes of effective managers. A managerial role is much different from that of an individual contributor, and Schneider notes that quite often "the skills that got you the promotion will not be the same ones that make you effective as a manager."

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