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Dec 09, 2016

6 ways to become a better listener

Dan listening
Listening to a member during NAFCU's Annual Conference.

We all know that a big part of leading is listening.

It’s not always easy to actively listen to a team member when there are a thousand other must-dos running through your head, but making sure your team knows it’s being heard needs to be a priority.

I came across six techniques to help leaders become more conscientious listeners from the Young Entrepreneur Council. The list includes:

1. Don’t multitask.

2. Bite your tongue (literally).

3. Paraphrase.

4. Reflect on the underlying goals you share.

5. Hold informal one-on-one meetings with your staff.

6. Listen to podcasts.

I like these practical techniques. Implementing them can be as simple as flipping off our computer monitors when a team member stops by so there are no distractions, or putting ourselves in more situations where we can practice active listening.

Are there any tips or techniques you use to help hone your listening skills? We all understand the importance of hearing out our team members – they are the ones bettering our organizations, and they deserve our undivided attention.

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