Berger Leadership Blog

May 20, 2016

6 ways to inspire your team

NAFCU staff

A recent article I read asked a question that has stuck with me: “Why would [members] and employees rally behind me?” The piece concluded that most employees like a leader who is visible and involved and who, in turn, is able to motivate and inspire.

The article, by journalist and digital consultant John Boitnott, lists six ways a CEO can have a greater presence and be more inspiring. His list includes:

1. Walk the walk and talk the talk. You must look like a leader. Boitnott explains that this includes your physical appearance and also how you stand, your handshake and conversational skills.

2. Be active online. When a CEO uses social media themselves, it gives the organization a face and personality and improves communication with potential customers. I daily use Twitter (@BDanBerger, in case you aren’t following me yet!), Facebook and LinkedIn – not to mention this blog. I want NAFCU’s members to feel a direct connection with me.

3. Be organized. You’ve got to stay organized to keep up and be on the same page as your team.

4. Get out of the office. Spend time with your employees. Don’t be afraid to give a pat on the back or shake their hands.

5. Improve your emotional intelligence. I’ve spent a lot of time on this topic in this blog. Improving and managing your EQ allows you to better connect with your employees and keep your own emotions in check.

6. Ask for feedback. Here at NAFCU, we have a “comment box” that allows employees to ask questions, provide feedback and offer suggestions anonymously. In addition, I make it very clear that my door is always open to anyone on my team.

As leaders, we need to have an active presence within our organizations and with our employees without micromanaging. It’s a delicate balance.

How do you inspire and drive your employees?