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Mar 31, 2017

8 reasons to be an optimistic leader

Dan speaking at Caucus

Looking on the bright side and thinking positively makes us all happier and more pleasant to be around. Thinking optimistically also makes us better leaders – for myriad reasons. From seeing the silver lining in a challenging situation to boosting company morale, being an optimistic leader is something anyone in a leadership role should strive for.

Lifehack's Kathryn Sandford lists eight reasons why optimists are better leaders. She says, for example, that optimists:

- Optimists are solution-focused.

- Optimists are not afraid of failure.

- Optimists are great communicators.

- Optimists' behaviors are infectious.

- Optimists have a successful mindset.

"Leaders who are optimists have the ability to envision a better future and they are able to inspire and motivate people to work toward achieving that shared vision of success," Sandford writes.

On the topic of motivating others with your optimism,'s Shawn Murphy gives 10 tips for creating an optimistic workplace. It's a good list; here are a few of my favorite tips:

- Learn your employees' strengths.

- Let employees "in" on things.

- Offer flexible work arrangements (when possible).

- Set team goals.

- Know and show your values.

Considering that we, and our employees, spend most of our days at work, it is up to us to make that a positive experience for us and them. Believing that great things will come from your work will spur your optimism and spread to those around you.

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