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May 26, 2017

9 actions of a successful leader

Berger and Hunt
Welcoming attendees to NAFCU's CEOs and Senior Executives Conference last month with Carrie Hunt. (Andrew Milne photo)

If you were to walk into a room of strangers, how would you be perceived? Would your actions tell them that you are leader?

John Rampton, Entrepreneur contributor, stresses in his recent post that whether a person is a real leader is determined by his or her actions, not title. He then lists nine actions that successful leaders take every day. His list states that leaders:

1. Clearly communication their vision and performance expectations. Leaders are known for their excellent communication skills.

2. Make lightning-fast decisions. Leaders are expert decision makers.

3. Put the spotlight on others. Good leaders make sure they acknowledge the hard work and dedication of others, and they show gratitude when necessary.

4. Put themselves last. If necessary, a good leader will even sacrifice something for their teams.

5. Accept full responsibility and share the credit. Leaders don't make excuses.

6. Keep people on their toes. Successful leaders know the various strengths and weaknesses of their team members and can both challenge and encourage growth.

7. Focus on the "how" and "why." Leaders don't focus so much on the "what" as they do on the process.

8. Take risks without being reckless. Leaders need to take calculated risks.

9. Lead by example. Good leaders are "hard working, trustworthy, transparent, ethical, and treat everyone with respect. To build trust and earn respect, they lead by example," Rampton writes.

Being a successful leader is much more involved than just adding a title to your signature. Even if no one knows your name or who you are, your actions should tell others that you are leader. Follow me on Twitter (@BDanBerger).