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Aug 05, 2016

9 questions to measure your EQ

NAFCU staff
NAFCU staff preparing for a member call-in.

I’ve spent a lot of time in this blog discussing the importance of emotional intelligence, or EQ, and how critical it is for developing competencies such as self-awareness, empathy and relationship building.

Marcel Schwantes, principal and founder of Leadership From the Core, lists nine questions in a recent article to help leaders evaluate their level of emotional intelligence. I found the list extremely helpful and wanted to share a few of my favorite questions with you. They include:

- Are you usually aware of your feelings and why you feel that way?

- Are you aware of your limitations, as well as your personal strengths, as a leader?

- Can you adapt smoothly to changing realities?

- Can you usually sense the feelings of the people you interact with and understand their way of seeing things?

- Do you have a knack for persuasion and using your influence effectively?

While IQ remains the best predictor of job success, Schwantes notes, “once you land a job in your field of expertise, and start thinking about increasing your role, leading others, and navigating political landscapes, IQ will be begging for EQ to show up.”

We must work on developing our EQ in order to lead our organizations and employees well. While there might always be someone with a higher IQ, EQ is what leads to strong morale and satisfied employees. Follow me on Twitter (@BDanBerger).