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Jul 28, 2017

9 ways to assess the EQ level of your workplace

EQ workplace

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is something I write about frequently in this blog. It is very important for leaders to be in touch with and in control of their emotions. However, EQ can also affect our workplaces.

Scott Mautz, author and contributor, lists nine signs in a recent article that a workplace may be emotionally unintelligent. The nine signs are:

1. Uninspiring business goals.

2. Those that are most affected by decisions are rarely involved in the decision-making process.

3. Leaders conduct inquisitions, not inquiries.

4. It's all head and no heart.

5. Micro-managing is used like a security blanket.

6. Problem employees go unaddressed.

7. Meetings are for advancing a career, not a cause.

8. Rewards and recognition are cookie-cutter.

9. Deciding not to decide is the norm.

Mautz cites recent research that notes the most common strength among those leaving corporate life is high EQ. If any of the above items rings true at your organization, you might be chasing away your highest performers.

"Workplaces with heart, soul, and intellect are a beacon," Mautz writes. "So leave a light on for the emotionally intelligent."

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