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Nov 27, 2015

Adopt a spirit of gratitude year-round

NAFCU all staff
The NAFCU staff

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. While we are reminded to be thankful this one day each year, it is important to show gratitude each and every day – not only where we live, but where we work as well.

With that in mind, I’d like to say that I am thankful for the amazing staff I get to work with daily at NAFCU. These folks are eager to serve NAFCU’s members and the credit union industry, and they do it by delivering extreme member service every day.

David Horsager, who spoke during NAFCU’s CEOs and Senior Executives Conference earlier this year, wrote in a Forbes piece that the most “magnetic trait” that draws one person to another is gratitude. “In business we’re drawn to people who acknowledge our contributions,” he wrote. “When those people hold leadership positions, you can see the trickle-down effect on the company as a whole – all the way down to customers.”

Horsager recommends some ways to show gratitude daily:

  1. Make a list each morning of three to five things you appreciate.
  2. Personalize your appreciation for your employees. One employee might like to hear a “thank you” in front of a large group; another might appreciate a small note of thanks.
  3. Leave yourself open to feedback. Allow yourself to hear what others have to say.

Don’t be shy about expressing gratitude; let’s adopt yesterday’s theme of thankfulness year-round.