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Jul 29, 2016

Becoming an ‘energizer in chief’

Dan with staff
Presenting with some of NAFCU's senior staff during Annual Conference this past June. (Harrison McClary photo)

No organization is immune to employee disengagement. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there – especially on those bright, sunny days when we’d like to be lying by the pool rather than at a desk indoors. Though this kind of disengagement is usually not lasting, there are times when employees, teams and our organizations as a whole could benefit from a little more enthusiasm.  

One of my favorite leadership gurus, Peter Economy, notes three great ways to become your organization’s “energizer in chief” to help members of your team bring more effort and enthusiasm to their jobs. These are:

1. Energize individuals. “The trust, respect, and consideration that leaders show team members in one-on-one relationships each and every day of the week is the foundation of an energized organization,” he writes.

2. Energize teams. It’s likely that your organization, like mine, is made up of various teams: marketing, communications, compliance, etc. Economy encourages leaders to let these teams act independently of management when deciding what needs to be done and how it should be done. This independence will lead to empowerment and enthusiasm.

3. Energize organizations. We don’t want to run organizations that are rife with burdening policies and bureaucracies. It is up to us to create environments that promote confidence, independence and energy.

It’s worth noting that if we are to instill energy in our employees, teams and organizations, we need to be energized as well. We must display the very behaviors and outcomes we want to see throughout all levels of our organizations.

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