Berger Leadership Blog

Mar 20, 2015

Becoming more likeable


Likability isn’t reserved for those who are outgoing, social or good looking.

“Being likable is under your control, it’s a matter of emotion intelligence,” writes author Travis Bradberry in an Entrepreneur article. I’ve written on emotional intelligence, or EQ, in the past. EQ is controlling your emotions and understanding others’.

It is a person’s EQ that makes them so likeable. Bradberry lists 13 behaviors that emotionally intelligent people do that lead to their likability. Here are a few that stood out for me:

  • They ask questions. When you ask questions, you let the person who is talking know you are listening. Everyone likes a good listener.
  • They put away their phones. A text message or an email can wait.
  • They are consistent. When people approach you, they should know what they are going to get. Be reliable.
  • They use positive body language. Tone, posture, facial expressions and gestures all relay a message to your listeners – sometimes more of a message than what you’re actually saying.
  • They greet people by name. It feels good when someone calls you by name and refers to you by name in conversation. Do the same for others.

Likability is important for a leader. It can help promote a harmonious work environment and bring out the best in others.