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Jan 30, 2015

Behaviors that should not be tolerated

Executive woman

Last week, I discussed key traits of a great leader. Another key trait of any great leader is tolerance. Stated another way: exhibiting patience or giving something or someone a second chance. However, there is a point where tolerance does us no good.

The same author who highlighted important traits of a great leader – Lolly Daskal – also points to several behaviors or traits that should never be tolerated by any leader – yet alone a great one. In an article, she listed:

- Dishonesty. If you or someone around you is imposing a “false reality” on your life, you should refuse to tolerate it.

- Mediocrity. Don’t settle for less – either within yourself or others around you.

- Negativity. Don’t allow or listen to complaining.

- Disrespect. Daskal says disrespect, no matter the form or at whom it’s directed, “is one of the most destructive forces you can harbor.”

- Anger. It’s OK to get angry, but don’t hold onto it.

- Control. Let go of the things you can’t control and focus on the positive.

How’s your level of tolerance? Too high? We have to be careful, however, about being too quick to point the finger at others; it’s possible that we too own some of these traits and tendencies. Striving to be a great leader requires us to spend a lot of time in self-reflection.