Berger Leadership Blog

Mar 13, 2015

Being a legendary leader starts on the inside


As much as I like quick lists and tips on improving skill sets and becoming a better person, achieving those ends also involves a journey of self-discovery that isn’t so black and white.

Leadership Coach David Roppo says in a LinkedIn article, “Leadership, especially the legendary type, requires a journey. There isn’t a shortcut, quick fix approach, or an effective method for micromanaging life and/or personal behavior.”

He explains that legendary leadership “is a product of internal development on both emotional and spiritual levels.” In other words, what you see is what you get: The characteristics you exhibit on the outside come from who you are on the inside.

To those seeking to become legendary leaders, Roppo says rid yourself of behaviors and characteristics that hinder growth, including fear and insecurity. He encourages leaders to examine their personal lives and how they react toward family and friends. “Do you control, manipulate, oppress, or intentionally sabotage the success of others in your personal life?” he asks. Because how you act at home is how you act professionally.

Once we identify and get rid of these restrictive patterns, we may well be on our way to becoming legendary leaders.