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Sep 25, 2015

Combating stress in your life

Dan with Harley
Riding my Harley.

Stress: A very common feeling in today’s world. Stress can originate from all kinds of sources – technology, long commutes, conflicts with coworkers, family and a lack of a work/life balance.

But we do not have to succumb to the chaos. An article by Robin Madell in U.S. News gives five “expert-approved strategies to knock out work stress, boost energy and become a top performer.” They are:

1. “Decide if you want more or less of certain activities.” What in your daily routine gives you energy and makes you feel more balanced? Do more of it. The opposite is true too. If something you do causes you grief, do it less often.

2. “Think about what you should start or stop.” Taking No. 1 a step further, are there certain “feel good” activities that aren’t in your current schedule that that should be? Are there activities that should be cut out completely?

3. “Beware of snowballing.” Madell notes that excessive stress has been linked with accelerated aging, increased risk of cancer and other diseases. Try to change the chronic stressors in your life before they become too big to handle.

4. “Recognize sources of secondhand stress.” Don’t let others’ stress become yours.

5. “Banish toxic thoughts.” Be confident and believe in your abilities. The more positive your thinking, the less that difficult circumstance will affect you.

While maintaining zero stress in our lives likely isn’t an option (some suggest small doses of stress can actually be helpful to us), the strategies above can help us keep our stress levels in check. Personally, I find regular exercise and frequent rides on my Harley relieve my stress. What works for you?