Berger Leadership Blog

Dec 19, 2014

Exercise to be a better leader


Exercise is a word you hear often this time of year, and it’s usually surrounded by words of regret. For example, “I wish I had made it to the gym more this year,” or “I definitely didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked the past few months.”

While everyone feels great after a good workout, we sometimes let the busyness of life keep us at the office. As a result, we miss getting to the gym or going outside. But what if we decided exercise could make us better leaders?

Shelley DuBois, in FORTUNE, says exercise shows a person’s true colors. “Anyone can seem collected in an air-conditioned office, but who still behaves like a team player when they’re sweaty and hopped up on lactic acid? Those people might also have some of the skills to haul everyone through the next corporate crisis with some class,” she writes.

Surfing guru Laird Hamilton gives 17 “commandments” to Outside Magazine on why we should all focus on our physical health if we want overall success. Here are a few of my favorites:

- Fear is an “unbelievable” motivator. Once channeled and understood correctly, Hamilton says, fear can give you power.

- We are our own greatest inhibitor. Don’t be afraid of failure. Trying new things is the only way to become the best you can be.

- Schedule training in the morning. If you do your training first thing, a crazy day won’t mess you up, and you’ll work more efficiently.

As we all gear up for a new year and a fresh start, let’s plan to become better leaders. Ok, on one, drop and give me 50 …


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