Berger Leadership Blog

Jan 23, 2015

Great leaders have these key traits…


Not every leader is a great leader. Great leaders truly stand out – they make others feel valued and make the time to connect with the folks they lead.

An article by Lolly Daskal, president and CEO of Lead From Within, on offers more examples of how truly great leaders operate:

- being honest and straightforward in all situations – even when delivering bad news;

- taking the blame and not making excuses;

- sharing the credit for a job well done;

- knowing how to delegate responsibility without micromanaging;

- challenging the status quo; and

- appreciating good talent and celebrating others’ skills.

Daskal ties her article together by noting great leaders aren’t necessarily the ones with all the power, but they are the kind of leaders “that have the ability to empower.”

That is a big component of what our jobs should be: empowering our employees and helping them reach their potential. By focusing on others and their value, we are ensuring the health and viability of our own organizations.

Are you a great leader? I’m looking at that list up there, and I see some things I think I do well. Others, I need to work on.