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Apr 07, 2017

Highlight your differences

NAFCU launched a video to its members earlier this year titled "Credit Unions: Banking Without Bankers," which is intended to mark the association’s 50th anniversary and help credit unions spread the word about the value they deliver daily to American consumers nationwide.

What I really appreciate about this video is its focus on the credit union difference – and why that difference matters for consumers.

We all know the truth: Credit unions are the best financial institutions for consumers. They are a reflection of their members and of the communities in which they reside and serve. This video highlights the difference between credit unions and banks, and it celebrates credit unions’ dedication to their member-first approach.

As pointed out in Harvard Business Review blog post, "The history of the enterprise can instill a sense of identity and purpose and suggest the goals that will resonate."

In other words, know your differences and own them.

Credit unions might be smaller, as a whole, than their bank counterparts, but these financial institutions offer some things that large banks do not: superb service to members and more affordable products and services. Credit unions’ reach is growing as consumers notice how convenient and personalized their services can be.

If you are a NAFCU member credit union, feel free to download this video, customize it however you'd like, and share it on your social media pages and website. This video is in honor of credit unions and all they do for consumers across the nation.

As NAFCU celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are humbled by the important accomplishments we've achieved together. Credit unions are the reason NAFCU exists. We are proud to serve you, now and into the future.

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