Berger Leadership Blog

Mar 06, 2015

How to be influential


Communications expert and author Stacey Hanke does presentations at various credit unions and trade associations nationwide. In fact, she has presented at NAFCU’s Management and Leadership Institute in the past. Much of her focus is teaching people how to be influential.

One of her main points is talking more to avoid moments of silence does nothing to make people seem more knowledgeable or influential. “The more we speak, the more we confuse. The more we speak, the more time we steal from our listeners, because it takes us longer to make our points,” she writes in one of her recent blog posts.

In her blog post, she gives three tips to help us communicate more with less:

  1. Focus on your listeners, not your agenda. Sometimes, we need to adapt our messaging to our listeners.
  2. Think and speak in bullet-point sentences. When you use short, concise sentences, you tend to pause naturally, and that gives your listeners a chance to catch up.
  3. Be aware. Rambling usually leads to more rambling, she said, which quickly erodes any engagement you had with your listeners. Allow your listeners time to think and speak.

Also, please plan to listen in on NAFCU’s next member call-in at 4 p.m. Eastern March 18. I, along with other senior members of NAFCU’s government affairs team, will look at what’s ahead in Congress and the regulatory agencies for credit union regulatory relief, capital reform, field-of-membership issues and more.