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Nov 21, 2014

Ideas for building a team

NAFCU staff
NAFCU staff meeting.

While there may be no such thing as a “perfect team,” it is something all CEOs and leaders strive to achieve in the workplace. Getting a team of people from different backgrounds, with various skill sets, who can communicate effectively with each other, and – better yet – who enjoy working together is the ultimate goal.

How do you build this kind of team? An article on gives 10 “ingredients.” Here are some of my favorites:

- When meeting on a certain topic or project, let each person know why they were invited and what they are expected to contribute.

- Make sure folks know communication happens in more than one way. Team members can converse openly with one another, in a group or one on one.

- Invite people who are passionate about the subject matter, regardless of their defined role in the organization.

- Allow individuals to take ownership and control of certain parts of a project so they have a sense of responsibility and accountability for the outcome.

Of course, success for any team depends quite a bit on leadership. Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis discusses our impact on the teams we lead and how we can build teams that will last:

- Know your leadership style and how you work. Be ready to correct or modify your approach.

- Make sure you know how your team members think and what motivates them.

- Continuously clarify roles and responsibilities.

- Be ready to acknowledge and reward team members.

- Always celebrate success.

These are some terrific ideas for building a team. Have other recommendations? Please let us know.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving!