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Apr 29, 2016

Inspire and lead others with charisma

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Chances are that if you’re a leader, you’ve been described as charismatic – regardless of whether you are extroverted or introverted. You inspire others. You want your drive and goal-seeking to spur others to perform at high levels.

Brian Tracy wrote an article in Success magazine earlier this month highlighting six qualities of a charismatic leader. His list includes:

1. They earn respect. People who naturally work hard develop influence and are noticed by others.

2. They have the halo effect. Leaders and companies that are high performing are seen by others as being capable of greatness. Often, Tracy says, their shortcomings are overlooked and strong points are emphasized.

3. They accept themselves. While they may accept themselves, charismatic leaders also strive to be better.

4. They are determined and purposeful. Leaders that set clear and strong goals develop charisma.

5. They accept complete responsibility. By owning responsibility and not making excuses, a leader develops character and “radiates charisma to others,” Tracy writes.

6. They focus on the results. The more focused on performance and achievement a leader is, the greater the perception of charisma.

What I particularly liked about this article are the takeaways at the end. Tracy lists two things you can “do immediately to put these ideas into action.”

1. Each day, ask yourself what one thing you can do to make a real difference to your organization. Focus on that throughout the day.

2. Select the most important results you can get for your company and make sure you and your staff are always working toward those.

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