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Oct 09, 2015

Leadership habits to practice now

Dan speaking 1
Speaking at NAFCU's Congressional Caucus last month. (Dietsch photo)

Some people are born leaders, others have to work a little harder to carry a leadership role. Regardless, there is always room to grow.

Business Insider gives nine leadership habits anyone can practice and adopt today to become a better leader. They are:

1. Show enthusiasm. All leaders must be passionate and enthusiastic about their work. And not just for themselves – passion and enthusiasm will encourage your employees to follow you.

2. Be approachable. This starts with being a good listener.

3. Have a sense of purpose. Know where you want to go and what you’ll need to get there. If you have a clear plan, others will follow.

4. Be generous with praise. Don’t be shy about giving others credit when they deserve it.

5. Communicate effectively. This isn’t just talking. It’s getting to know others on a personal and emotional level and meeting their needs.

6. Be brave. Don’t show fear when taking necessary risks.

7. Be humble. Don’t have your employees do something you wouldn’t do yourself. Help them out when necessary.

8. Be respectful. The Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated.

9. Be your true self. Be real with yourself. Every decision you make should sit well with your true, authentic self.

Being a good leader takes consistent practice, so I will be working to make these nine habits a part of my daily routine. The more we all practice these habits, the more they will become our natural responses and make us better leaders.