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Aug 12, 2016

Make disruptions work for you


Today’s leaders must know how to manage disruptions. The word itself – disruption – can sound a bit negative, but it’s really just another word for change. And leaders shouldn’t just be able to live with change, they should welcome it.

The daily disruptions in our lives – whether personal or professional – can create new opportunities and ways to grow. Business Insider contributor James Rosebush discusses three ways that leaders can “come out as the victor over change.” They include:

- Recognize that change is a permanent fixture. Leaders should be able to anticipate change, even welcome it, if they want their organizations to stay relevant and viable.

- Listen carefully to catch the change behind the change. You must take the time to evaluate and analyze the change before you react, otherwise you may miss something important.

- Impersonalize change. You are not alone. Take responsibility for your actions and move on.

Another article on this topic I encourage you to take a look at is from’s Aneesh Lele. The article outlines several advantages of organizations that accept and embrace disruptions. One of the advantages discussed that really stuck out for me was that “disruptors focus on the customer, not on the boss,” Lele writes.

I don’t think any organization exemplifies this advantage better than credit unions. Every decision is centered on their members’ financial needs and desires. They can then easily measure their handling of change – or disruptors – by their members’ continued support and dedication to their financial institution.

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