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Nov 24, 2017

Making the most of 2017

Making most of 2017

As we reflect on this past year and share with family and friends during this holiday season, I find it beneficial to include my professional life in my reflections. What worked, what didn't work? What can I do better next year? contributor Nicolas Cole poses several questions in a blog post that can get you thinking on past accomplishments and challenges and the best ways to move forward. Some of his questions include:

- "When do I get the best work done?" Early morning, later afternoon?

- "What are your most used excuses?" Cole says the most popular one is: "I don't have enough time," which he quickly calls out as a lie.

- "What will bring you the most fulfillment?"

- "Who in my life has been the most helpful?"

- "Who in my life has been the most distracting?"

While most of us set goals each year, I find that end-of-year reflection proves to be even more significant in refocusing us on what matters most. Cole writes that it is this refinement process that "ultimately separates the people who talk about all the things they want to achieve, and those who actually achieve them."

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