Berger Leadership Blog

Aug 01, 2014

Managing vs. leading

Free copies of this book will be available at NAFCU's Management and Leadership Institute conference.

I ran across an infographic recently that charted out the differences between managing and leading. Some key differences between managers and leaders listed include:


- count value;

- maintain;

- focus on systems and structure; and

- always has his or her eye on the bottom line.


- innovate;

- create value;

- focus on people; and

- challenge the status quo.

However, an executive needs to learn to do both, which is why I’m so passionate about leadership, and learning all that I can about how to be a better leader and manager.

It is also why my colleague Anthony Demangone, NAFCU’s executive vice president and COO, and I got together and wrote a book on leadership and management development for executives, managers and those that aspire to be titled “Managing and Leading Well.”

The tagline of our book, “It ain’t rocket science, but it’s still hard work,” captures the point of what we are trying to accomplish. As we wrote in our introduction: “This book is not about imparting never-before-revealed ‘secrets’ of management.” It should serve as a guide, “a straightforward and honest companion as you strive to better lead the people...”

Are you intrigued? I would like nothing more than for you to read this book and let me know your thoughts. The book can be purchased here, or you can (and should) attend NAFCU’s upcoming Management and Leadership Institute conference, Oct. 6-10 in Philadelphia, to receive a free copy. I look forward to seeing you there!