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Mar 18, 2016

Natural-born leader?

Dan Berger (David Braun photo)
Speaking at last week's Strategic Growth Conference in San Diego. (David Braun photo)

Some folks might be born leaders, others might work a little harder to climb to the top, but regardless, there is always room for growth, and always room to learn.

Forbes contributor Jennifer Cohen lists qualities of natural-born leaders in a recent article. Some seem rather obvious, but it never hurts to get back to basics and hone those critical leadership skills, whether they were developed over time or seemingly always present:

- They lead. Obviously. But Cohen isn’t just talking about taking charge of the big initiatives, but leading in all the opportunities in our everyday lives – whether that means helping out an employee or mentoring a college student on the side. 

- They move. Natural-born leaders make sure to get their bodies moving every day. “It [has] been proven that the endorphins from exercise increase productivity,” writes Cohen. “Those endorphins also increase confidence, and confidence is a massive part of being a successful, natural leader.”

- They listen. Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you should be bossy. “People tend to gravitate towards leaders who they believe in and who they feel represented by,” Cohen says.

- They are open to change. Natural-born leaders are open to new ways of doing things.

- They enjoy life. While remaining focused, natural leaders also know how to have fun and unplug on a well-needed family vacation.

Cohen lists a couple more qualities. How many of these qualities come naturally to you? Any other qualities that should be added to the list?

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