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Mar 14, 2014

Need ideas? Ask your staff

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Last year, during one of NAFCU’s monthly all-staff meetings, senior management asked staff for ideas to help market our Annual Conference and Solutions Expo, which is this July in Las Vegas.

We received remarkable feedback and ideas – many of which we are using. What’s more, the staff had fun and enjoyed being able to contribute to the organization.

Are you looking for a solution to an ongoing issue at your organization? Are you stumped on ways to cut costs? Try asking your employees.

Dr. David G. Javitch in Entrepreneur says leaders should demonstrate their desire for employee feedback by being “open to constructive suggestions that will improve the system, its efficiency, and its cost, even with fewer available resources.” 

An article on Reliable Plant says valuing and implementing suggestions from your employees gives them a sense of ownership, which will only better your business. And if you really want their opinions, the article suggests, ask these questions:

  • What would make this a better place to work?
  • How can we enhance customer service?
  • What would you do if you were footing the bill?

No one is closer to the daily operations of your business than your staff. Listen to and encourage feedback. You might just find the answers you need.