Berger Leadership Blog

Sep 18, 2015

Protect your reputation

As leaders, we need to assume an attitude of one living in a fishbowl, because someone is always watching us. Little slip-ups in conduct add up over time and can damage reputations, and for leaders, reputation is key.

To protect that reputation, we need to routinely take a look at how we conduct ourselves when interacting with others. I came across a post recently on by contributor Betty Liu that highlighted “extremely common mistakes” leaders make – mistakes that can easily damage a reputation.

To avoid a ding in your own reputation, here are those seven common mistakes Liu cautions against:

  1. Negativity.
  2. Reading emails during a meeting.
  3. Not following up on introductions.
  4. Spelling errors and grammar mistakes.
  5. Lying.
  6. Sloppiness.
  7. Showing up late.

Small but ongoing missteps, such as the above, can hurt a reputation, and that isn’t easily fixed. Any others you can think of?