Share Insurance Fund Analysis & Forecast

Current Forecast

During NCUA’s November 2018 Board meeting, agency staff presented third-quarter figures for the Share Insurance Fund (SIF). At the following month’s Board meeting, the normal operating level (NOL) for 2018 was set at 1.38 percent. While the SIF provided a distribution to insured credit unions earlier in 2018 as a result of the merger with the Corporate Stabilization Fund, the prospect for future payouts is uncertain. Much will depend on whether, and how quickly, the NOL returns to its traditional level of 1.30 percent.

Click here for NAFCU's detailed analysis and forecast (Updated January 2019)

* After distributions but prior to premium charges, excluding estimated impact of TCCUSF merger in 2017. Merger impact based on NCUA estimate.

Sources: NCUSIF Financial Statements, NCUA Board Presentations, NAFCU Estimates