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DDJ Myers has been a constant champion of credit union leadership development, while looking ahead to future needs and preparing innovative and practical solutions as guideposts. 

DDJ Myers' CEO, Deedee Myers, and President, Mark Haeussler, and are frequent speakers and authors on developing leadership, courageous conversation, talent risk assessments, succession planning, communication and other topical leadership learnings.

Leadership Training; Executive Search and Recruitment Services

In order to prepare credit union leaders for tomorrow's challenges, DDJ Myers offers:

Team Leadership DevelopmentSuccession Plans
Management TrainingWomen's Leadership Advances
Executive Leadership DevelopmentMen's Leadership Advances
Internal Coaching and Mentoring ProgramsBoard Leadership Training
CEO Coaching TrackExecutive Search and Recruitment Services
Career Development Plans 

Professional Standards of Excellence

International Coach FederationMany of our organizational consultants are teachers at major coaching institutes and are certified by The International Coach Federation (ICF). The International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach Credential (PCC) is for the proven coach. 

ICF preserves the integrity of coaching through internationally accepted professional standards. Today, ICF is specifically recognized among coaching professionals worldwide for:

Highly renowned companies are realizing the effectiveness of coaching in achieving their goals. Major corporations from a variety of sectors, including IBM, Nike, Verizon and Coca-Cola Enterprises, have turned to coaching to increase employee satisfaction, improve output and strengthen their bottom lines.

To learn more about DDJ Myers' executive recruitment and leadership training services, contact Kristen Olson.

Educational Resources

  •  The Missing Elements in Strategic Planning Part 2(Podcast)

    Proven methodology for formulating a visionary and actionable strategic plan will be outlined in this two part podcast series. In the second installment of this podcast series with DDJ Myers, Paul Timm, Vice President of Marketing for NAFCU Services, sits down with industry expert Peter Myers to discuss discuss key insights on what the Board, CEO, and Management's roles are in the strategic planning process. 

  •  The Missing Elements in Strategic Planning (Podcast)

    Proven methodology for formulating a visionary and actionable strategic plan will be outlined in this two part podcast series.  In the first installment of this podcast series with DDJ Myers, Paul Timm, Vice President of Marketing for NAFCU Services, sits down with industry expert Peter Myers to discuss the missing elements and best practices in strategic planning. 

  •  It’s Critical to Invest in Your Emerging Leaders Today (Podcast)

    Join Devon Lyon, Director of Education for NAFCU, and expert presenter Peter Myers, Senior Vice President for DDJ Myers, as they discuss why development of the next generation of leaders and establishing a leadership program plays an integral part of strategic succession planning and talent management strategy for credit unions.


  •  Build Leadership Capacity with CEO and Chair Executive Coaching (Webinar)
    In this webinar, learn about the different types of Chair and CEO Executive coaching, pitfalls of coaching, how to contract with a coach, how to assess ROI and be sure that coaching is the right path, and the role of your manager and direct reports in coaching.Coaching case studies and guidelines to include in your own professional development plan will be shared.
  •  Building Your Credit Union's Board of the Future (Webinar)
    Get guidelines and steps to advance the value of your board, learn the steps other credit unions are taking to recruit and renew board members, and gather best practices from live case studies.
  •  Do you want to be a CEO? (Webinar)
    The first five seconds count; that is how long a recruiter takes to decide to keep reading your resume, or move on to the next. After that, the average employer spends about 20 seconds on your resume assessing your leadership style and experience. As you navigate the path of your own career and leadership development, it's important to understand how to best leverage your skills, competencies and expertise to be seen as highly effective in both your current role, and desired future role.
  •  Enhancing the Board – CEO Relationship (Webinar)
    As your credit union grows in complexity, the relationship between the board and the CEO is critically important to the overall success of the organization.  This session explores research regarding different styles of boards, different types of CEOs and how the focus both have on coordination, collaboration, and communication creates ease, improved success, and adds value to the organization.  The session includes commentary and case studies of boards developing, involving, and improving relationships with the CEO.
  •  Personalities in the Boardroom: Unconscious Leadership (Webinar)
    Are you the builder or the processor? The strategist or the communicator? Regardless of title, each board member has an automatic personality they bring to the board room. Which is yours, and how do you use it most effectively?
  •  Creating Transformational Change Through Integration of SWOT and SOAR (Webinar)

    This webinar is the last in a series of strategic planning methodologies. Being intentional about your organizations’ strategic planning methodology is instrumental to creating a work place where each person adds value to the vision and strategy and both success and fulfillment are attainable.

  •  Creating an Effective SWOT Analysis (Webinar)

    This is the second installment of the Strategic Planning Webinar Series. The Strategic Planning Webinar Series takes a deeper dive into utilizing these processes in your own organization.

  •  New Strategic Planning Methodology: SOAR vs. SWOT (Webinar)
    A new strategic planning tool, SOAR (strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results), has emerged and offers an alternate way to solve problems based on new research. Whether you SWOT or SOAR, this webinar will help determine which method is best suited for your credit union to achieve its goals.
  •  What’s in store for 2014? DDJ Myers Looks Ahead (Blog Post)
    For a look at what lies ahead in 2014 for credit unions, we turned to the Preferred Partner experts. Here is what Deedee Myers, CEO, DDJ Myers, Ltd. had to say.
  •  Creating Sustainable Leadership in Emerging Leaders (Webcast)
    All successful organizations know that the key to success is nurturing and cultivating strong leaders within the organization. In this webcast, we will discuss transformative change, strategic leadership development, building an executive presence, applied effective communication, increased learning capacity, people helping people, and value of a project with real-time application and benefit.
  •  Best Practices for High Performing Boards (Webcast)
    Culture eats strategy for breakfast. The Board of Directors has the potential to shape and shift the culture of the organization. How can the board operate as a team and bring the credit union to the next level?
  •  How to Create and Sustain a High Performing Board (Webinar)
    A board that is strategically aligned is more readily able to reach its highest level of performance. This webinar will cover successful strategies for high performing boards in credit unions of all sizes.
  •  Strategic Succession Planning (Podcast and Presentation)
    This session covers an overview and best practices, levels and types planning, board evaluation, behind the scenes conversions, and the integration of board succession planning with CEO succession planning.
  •  Recruiting Board Members (Article)
    In the January/February issue of The Federal Credit Union Magazine, Michael D. Sessions, Ph.D., senior vice president of DDJ Myers, goes over tips for success when recruiting board members. Learn about open and closed recruiting methods, and how to have a seamless transition when on-boarding a new board member.
  •  Credit Union Industry Experts: What's in Store for 2013 (Blog Post)
    For our year-end blog post I asked our Preferred Partners to tell us what they see coming over the horizon, from their perspective, that credit union executives need to be focused on and/or prepared for as we head into 2013. Looking back a year, I see some common themes—revenue issues, economic uncertainty, regulatory uncertainty, and political uncertainty. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Succession Planning for Small to Mid-Sized Credit Unions (Case Study)
    The board of a mid-sized credit union recognized how the impending planned retirement of their long-term CEO would produce a vacuum in future leadership. Their concern was "do any of the remaining senior managers embody the leadership capacity and capability to lead our credit union?" Learn more about how these problems and more were solved with the help of DDJ Myers in the case study.
  •  Succession Planning for Large Credit Unions (Case Study)
    The leadership of a large credit union recognized the planned retirement of their core executive leadership -- the top three executives -- was going to occur within 16 months of one another.  These leaders all had substantial tenure (20+ years) at this organization and represented a key brain-trust.  Further analysis revealed that there were 14 executives departing over a three year period, a substantial loss of leadership capital. This case study reveals how these and other problems were solved with the help of DDJ Myers.
  •  Shifting to a Practice of Creativity and Innovation in 2012 (Blog Post)
    As 2011 has come to a close, I am reflecting on the commitment and hard work I witnessed throughout the year. The past few years have been a struggle and challenge which produced a sense of hyper-alertness. With so many of us in a constant state of alertness, we have worked hard to sustain the health of our organizations. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  Benchmarking: Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Talent (Webcast)
    DeeDee Myers WebcastDeveloping talent is one of the most important roles you have as a leader and manager of your credit union. You are accountable for attracting, retaining and transitioning employees within the credit union in order to help foster a successful and satisfied workforce. In this webcast we discuss how to draw out what another needs and desires and how to lead so that they experience meaningful success.
  •  Generative Conversation: Learn How to Lead Collaborative Teams (Webcast)
    DeeDee Myers WebcastAs leaders in your credit union, it is your responsibility to organize skills and talents of others in order to generate an observable outcome. An important part of that task includes effectively guiding your team through collaborative conversations that create new ideas, options and actions for positive results. In this webcast we explore how to lead generative conversation in order to boost the success of your team and ultimately of the credit union as a whole.

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  • DDJ Myers Adds Executive Search and Recruitment Services to NAFCU Services Preferred Partner Program (May 13, 2013)
    WASHINGTONNAFCU Services Corporation announced today that DDJ Myers, Ltd. has expanded its Preferred Partner Program offerings to include executive search and recruitment services, following a rigorous review by the member-run NAFCU Services Advisory Committee. Executive search and recruitment services enable credit unions to create sustainable leadership teams with exemplary skills and the ability to effectively lead in diverse economic and political environments. This addition complements DDJ Myers' Leadership Training Solution, already offered through the Preferred Partner Program. 
  • Free Webcast Reveals How to Use Benchmarking to Foster a High-Performing Workforce (March 30, 2010)
    WASHINGTON — NAFCU Services Corporation (www.nafcu.org/nafcuservices) and DDJ Myers, Ltd., the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for a range of credit union leadership and executive development training solutions, announced today the release of a free webcast that outlines a clear and distinctive process for benchmarking jobs at credit unions in order to foster a successful, satisfied and high-performing workforce.


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