Driving Insights: How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Data

About the Podcast

In this special “Ask the Expert” podcast, Anne Legg of AdvantEdge Analytics interviews Kia Javanmardian of McKinsey and Company about how to transform your data into real and positive change. They discuss how to get your decision-makers to embrace that change and implement it all the way through to the front lines of your credit union. Kia delves into the behavioral aspect of data use: why it isn’t just the data, but how you use it that makes you more effective.

Learn how you can determine and build upon your data capabilities, figure out what insight you want to drive—and how, and get people excited about data consumption. Your data won’t have real impact until you put it into practice. Do you have the right leaders and processes in place to change behavior across your institution and drive that impact? Once you do, your data will be more dynamic and valuable, and can even help you acquire and retain more members.

So where do you start your data transformation journey? Explore why it’s important to start small and simple, and consider the following questions to build out your plan:

  1. Where is there business value from improved insight? Where do I think data can have the greatest impact?
  2. What am I trying to solve?
  3. What data do I need to achieve a solution? What will the gathering process look like?
  4. How will I rank where there is value, and the level of difficulty to capture it?

About the Presenter

Anne Legg HeadshotAnne Legg, Director of Market/Client Strategies, AdvantEdge Analytics, a division of CUNA Mutual Group

Anne works with credit unions to develop transformational business strategies from their business insights to grow in a competitive, highly regulated and disrupted business climate.

She is a recognized credit union industry expert, veteran and thought leader with an MBA thesis on the credit union business model as well as two internationally published whitepapers on credit union business strategy. 

She has served on various Credit Union Boards including; CUNA’s Marketing and Business Development Executive Council, MAC, and the California and Nevada Credit Union League Public Advocacy Committee.