How to Prevent Synthetic Identity & Stolen Identity Theft

May 22, 2018 | 2:00pm - 3:00pm

About the Webinar

Attend this webinar to hear how you and your members can detect and prevent Synthetic ID Theft, Stolen ID Theft and subsequent fraud attempts performed using the stolen information. Knowing how these crimes are typically performed against members and how fraudsters attempt to break in using the stolen information can be a game changer when trying to prevent these debilitating crimes. 

Key Questions Answered:

  • What are the fundamental differences and similarities between these crimes against members?
  • How can members protect themselves from identity theft?
  • What types of fraud are most often attempted using the stolen information and what can you do to protect against these criminal attempts - i.e. loan fraud, credit card fraud, account takeover fraud, and new account fraud?

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About the Presenters

Ann Davidson, VP of Risk Consulting, Allied Solutions
Ann Davidson, VP of Risk Consulting, Allied Solutions

Ann Davidson is the VP of Risk Consulting at Allied Solutions. With over 40 years of diverse experience in the financial industry, Ann Davidson has become a nationally renowned expert in risk control and risk management. Ann has an impressive list of achievements and accreditations in the financial industry, which includes making notable article contributions to accredited financial publications and being a keynote speaker on a variety of risk management topics at hundreds of conferences and seminars nationwide. Ann’s work and research have helped increase awareness of sound risk prevention and response measures, which in turn have helped financial institutions mitigate their exposure to risk related financial losses.

James McCabe, SVP, ID Theft Solutions, Vero

Jim McCabe has been in marketing and sales positions for over 30 years and his career included computer sales to credit unions and other financial institutions throughout U.S. for more than 10 years.  He has specifically worked with ID Theft Services from Vero, a CU Direct Company, for the last seven years to expand the use of their unique services within credit union and automotive markets where Vero has been successful since 2005.  Jim is a consistent speaker for several CU conferences, Chapter meetings, and national events on best practices for ID theft and data breach response & recovery programs.  He also hosts several webinars a year with subject matter experts to expand awareness and education on cybersecurity preparedness.