Is Your Lending Workflow Halting Your Commercial Lending Business?

About the Webinar

Making informed commercial lending decisions requires a consistent and compliant risk management process, from application to close. Variability in your lending workflow opens the door for incomplete analysis and data quality issues that can lead to significant business risk. This session will look at the business benefits of increasing the operational efficiency of your loan origination workflow. 

Attendees will learn how focusing on their origination workflow can:

  •  Improve efficiency by eliminating manual processes
  •  Provide better visibility into loan origination
  •  Reduce risks with more standardization and data accuracy
  •  Provide metrics to better evaluate team member performance

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About the Presenter

Michael Fuchs, Director of Commercial Lending, Wolters Kluwer
Michael Fuchs, Director of Commercial Lending, Wolters Kluwer

Michael Fuchs is director of Commercial Lending at Wolters Kluwer. He is focused on helping financial institutions grow their commercial lending portfolios through sound risk management and compliance practices. Michael specializes in helping banks and credit unions implement automated solutions and strategies that make their commercial lending processes more efficient and compliant with regulatory and industry rules. Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer in 1998, he founded the Medici Commercial Lending Documentation System. It was later acquired by PCi Corporation, which was subsequently acquired by Wolters Kluwer. Michael earned his juris doctorate from Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.