3 Ways To Get Your Board Unstuck in 2018

Boards are in a time and place of immense opportunities and challenges. How they think, behave, produce, coordinate, and build a relationship with the CEO in the past no longer works for the future. This informative podcast features the research that creates sustainable and replicable successful board dynamics and processes.

Deedee Myers shares the three components of change that, in many organizations, have supported the intent of doing the right way with greater ease and productivity.

Presented By

Deedee Myers, MSC, MA, PCC, Ph.D., and CEO of DDJ Myers
Deedee Myers, MSC, MA, PCC, Ph.D., and CEO of DDJ Myers

As the CEO of DDJ Myers, Deedee is known for being a thought and practice leader in transformative change and evolution in individuals, teams, and organizations.   Her work with boards, executive teams, and staff inspire organizations to adopt evolutionary yet pragmatic communication and behavioral practices that add sustainable and intrinsic value.  Deedee is widely known for innovative strategic planning, deep-seated succession planning from the emerging leader level through the Board of Directors, generative board practices, and advancing leadership presence and execution so individuals, teams, and organizations access untapped potential.


Deedee holds her Master’s degree in Organizational Development and Ph.D. in Human Development, a master’s level in somatic coaching, and a PCC in coaching from the International Coaching Federation.