Adapting Your Payments to Today’s Consumer Behavior

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In this episode, we’re talking about how to align your payments strategies with shifting consumer behavior. This process is more complex now than ever before, as credit unions face a slew of pandemic-related revenue disruptions. Gain insights on recent data, shifts in the payments landscape, and how to address upcoming deadlines in critical vendor contracts.

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    Key Takeaways:

    • [02:41] 51% of consumers are now using contactless.  Credit unions need to make sure contactless is no longer a luxury item that is not going to be used.
    • [06:43] Education is going to have a big role moving forward especially with senior members. What mobile offering are you going to have for them and how are you going to educate them on the offerings?
    • [12:21] The chances of fraud are higher because a signature or pin is not required, so look at the contactless transfer limit you have on cards and provisional limit. 

    Presented By

    Robert Koehler
    Robert Koehler

    Executive Vice President | SRM

    Robert Koehler has more than 15 years of experience in developing vendor negotiation strategies.  With a focus in card portfolio strategy, Robert has successfully led multiple high-value projects for financial institutions in such areas as card branding, ATM/EFT processing, PAU programs, and rationalization of operational service cost across large branch networks. 

    Drawing from his extensive background in process engineering and vendor management, Robert has offered educational presentations to state and regional financial institution associations in a post-Durbin environment, and also contributes to articles in leading industry publications on topics such as FinTechs in payments, how to select the best PIN network, and revenue enhancement strategies for institutions under $10 billion in assets.