CU Case Study: Building a High Growth Consumer Lending Program While Expanding Membership

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About the Webinar

Given their reputation for hyper-personalized member service, credit unions are well-positioned to help their members make smarter, more intentional lending decisions.

Barry Roach, President & CEO at Water and Power Community Credit Union (WPCCU) discusses how credit unions are pivoting to meet the challenges and opportunities of an evolving landscape, including lessons learned from digital transformation and a fintech partnership. 

Key takeaways:

  • Discover how WPCCU is delivering a differentiated service to grow their loan portfolio, while maintaining member loyalty in a competitive landscape
  • Hear a CEO’s perspective on growing membership and improving the financial well-being of individuals
  • Learn how credit unions can use sophisticated machine learning models to more accurately identify risk and approve more applicants than traditional, credit score-based lending models.

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Presented By

Jeff Keltner
Jeff Keltner

Senior Vice President of Business Development | Upstart

Jeff Keltner is a Senior Vice President Of Business Development at Upstart. As Upstart’s fifth employee, Jeff has run business development opportunities including new product areas, strategic partnerships, and other investments since Upstart’s inception, through its IPO, and beyond.

Jeff is passionate about Upstart’s mission to partner with banks and credit unions to make credit as effortless and available to as many consumers as possible based on true risk. He also hosts the Leaders in Lending podcast where he discusses the future of the financial services industry with consumer lending executives and other leaders in the space. Learn more at

Barry Roach
Barry Roach

President & CEO | WPCCU

With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Barry Roach has proven leadership of large, diverse, multi-faceted teams of financial professionals that deliver above-market financial results. Previously, as President and CEO of SafeAmerica Credit Union ($439M), Mr. Roach helped the organization achieve a significant net income turnaround and improvement in financial strength while maintaining a commitment to service excellence.