Decoding Your Data & Modeling Under CECL

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About the Webinar

Join our discussion to catch your credit union up to speed on the various models under CECL, and why some models work better with certain datasets.

Key Takeaways:

  • What public banks are using that have adopted CECL
  • Why you should understand your data before you choose a model
  • Which models tend to work best with certain historical datasets
  • Why adjusting your data is so important to modeling

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

Presented By

Mike Umscheid
Mike Umscheid

President & CEO | ARCSys

Mike has been providing accounting, consulting and auditing services to financial institutions for over 30 years. Considered the “CECL Guru,” Mike was selected by the AICPA to create and deliver their 8-hour CPE course on CECL. He is a past member of the Auditing Standards Board and a published author on Accounting and Auditing for Financial Institutions.