Ensuring Alignment at Your CU Right Now

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Join us for an exciting, in-depth conversation on the topic of Organization Alignment. We'll address some of the challenges credit unions are facing today, the researched strategies for achieving an empowered and aligned organization, and the important improvements needed in the financial services industry.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [06:18] In most organizations, the executive leadership believes that the staff and management are much more aligned on the strategy then they really are when it is measured.  We have to have that strategic conversation because it shapes the culture of the organization.   
  • [12:58] Diversity of thought, background, and experience can help us provide better value to our customers.   
  • [14:29] We have to step into the uncomfortable conversations. Discomfort fuels the fire for personal, team, and organizational growth. 
  • [17:01] Signs you need a new alignment strategy are when things are not moving fast enough, projects are falling apart, and people aren’t supporting each other on initiatives. 

Presented By

Peter Myers
Peter Myers

Senior Vice President | DDJ Myers, Ltd.

Peter Myers leads teams and individuals in moving forward in their organization and personal goals through recruitment, retention, strategic planning, succession planning, organizational and board assessment, and executive leadership coaching practices. On a daily basis, Peter works with senior management teams and boards in the financial services industry to build and further develop their leadership and strategic teams by bringing out the true power within themselves and integrating it into the professional and business world.

Adele Sandberg
Adele Sandberg

President & CEO | AEA Federal Credit Union

Adele has been in the financial services industry for 35+ years and has been in executive roles since 1999. She started her career at Bank of America in 1985 and moved to her first credit union, San Diego Teachers’ Credit Union known today as California Coast Credit Union, in 1987.  Adele’s primary focus has been in finance and accounting and her roles included oversight of multiple disciplines. She credits Cal Coast and USE credit unions for shaping her strong belief in people, people development, and every day should be fun and rewarding.