How Credit Unions are being Reshaped by Forces Beyond their Control

About the Podcast

During this podcast, we discuss how forces like digital banking, payments, core renewals, and more are expected to reshape how credit unions interact with and provide services to their members.

Delivering value to members is not a simple matter. The basics required day in and day out to meet the immediate needs of members’ is not the only part of the puzzle. Credit unions also must consider how forces well beyond their influence are shaping the expectations members have.

About the Presenter

Michael Carter

Michael Carter, EVP, Strategic Resource Management

Michael Carter has more than 15 years of executive technology leadership ranging from early-stage start-ups to international organizations. He has worked closely with chief executives and investors to help niche software companies through IPOs, R&D, acquisitions, corporate launches and international branding.

His career in financial services stretches over 25 years. He has served as vice president of the S1 Corporation where he was responsible for global marketing. Carter began his executive management career as vice president at the predecessor of ACI Worldwide where he served as the investor relations officer, vice president – product development, management and marketing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, managing director of ACI’s IBM software business unit and chief operating officer of the company’s wire transfer software unit. Today, Carter is an Executive Vice President at Strategic Resource Management where he serves as a subject matter expert on digital banking.