It's a Digital World. Does Direct Mail Have a Place in It?

On-Demand Webinar Available Until June 27,  2020 

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About the Webinar

As younger generations enter the fold of the financial marketplace, a digital-first customer experience is more important than ever. So does direct mail fit into this new equation? In this webinar, we'll talk about the data indicating that the answer is yes, and the crucial omni-channel approach that will engage your members in an integrated landscape of direct and digital communication.

Key Takeaways:

  • The effects of digital and direct mail strategies on audience engagement 
  • Mail myths of which credit unions should be wary, and the truth about Millennial and iGen interaction with direct mail
  • What omni-channel marketing really is, and how it differs from multi-channel approaches

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Presented By

Robert Dudacek

Robert Dudacek, President and CEO, Franklin Madison

As the leader of Franklin Madison, Robert passionately serves partners, clients, and their customers, and steers the company to even greater success. He is thankful for the wonderful team he gets to work with every day. Robert has over 25 years of experiencing in managing insurance marketing through financial institutions (including holding positions at insurance carriers), bank agencies and third-party providers. He enjoys cooking, traveling and Nashville’s lively music scene. Robert graduated with a BS in Economics from DePaul University and earned his MBA from the University of Minnesota.

Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks, Market Research Analyst, Franklin Madison

Michael joined the Franklin Madison team in the summer of 2017. Prior to joining, he studied Communications and Economics at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.