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Personal Financial Management (PFM) for Your Members

Convenience, ease and personalization are driving your members into the digital channel. How will you sustain a genuine connection with your members in the digital space?

Personal Financial Management (PFM)
Geezeo's PFM platform combines proven features and technology into a white label solution that enables credit unions to engage their base, increase share of wallet, retention and member satisfaction. PFM is thoughtfully integrated into the credit unions online banking & mobile environments for a unique and seamless member experience.

Features Include:

  • Account Aggregation
  • Budgets & Financial Goals
  • Cash Flow Calendar
  • Fraud Alerts

Engagement Banking
The included Engagement Banking Platform is a digital marketing solution that helps empower members, giving them more control and a holistic view of their finances. This platform also offers robust data integration thereby giving you insight into your members financial situation, needs, budgets and life events. This gives you the horsepower to engage in relevant, contextual ways, so you can build stronger member and household relationships.

Features Include:

  • Identify & Anticipate Members Financial Needs & Goals
  • Forecast & Plan Product & Services Sales
  • Measure Business Performance, Set Targets & Mitigate Risk

For an interactive demo, customized presentation or simply to ask a few questions, contact your Geezeo representative, Steve Nigri, VP of Sales

    About Geezeo
    Geezeo partners with over 400 credit unions and banks to deliver an integrated suite of online financial management tools and services including its proven Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution. The Geezeo PFM solution is thoughtfully integrated within a financial institutions online banking platform, giving users a holistic view of financial assets, liabilities, cash flow, goals and budgets.

    Geezeo’s included Engagement Banking platform, offers relevant, data-driven content that helps financial institutions develop online customer dialog while generating growth through acquisition and increased wallet share. For more information on the privately held company, visit


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    Steven Nigri
    Vice President, Sales