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Human Capital Solutions Group provides solutions that enable credit unions to more effectively and efficiently manage the resource that is the most difficult to manage and is the largest budget line item – human capital. We are committed to providing services designed to respond to the present needs of credit unions and to position credit unions for long term success in their current and future operational environment.


Two suites of services are provided through HCSGroup. The first suite is designed to leverage human capital through Human Resources solutions. The second suite of services addresses the broader areas within the organizational environment. Core services within each area are as follows:

Human Resources Suite

  • HR Audit and Gap Analysis
  • Compensation and Benefits Analysis/Study
  • Salary Administration Policies & Program Design
  • Bonus and Incentive Plan Design 
  • Employee Surveys
  • Employee Assessments
  • Personnel Selection Systems
  • Coaching process for Improved Performance

Organizational Change Solutions

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organization Restructuring Planning
  • Human Capital Gap Analysis/Metrics
  • Succession Planning
  • Executive Search 
  • Integration of Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Executive Coaching  
  • Compensation Philosophy/Strategy

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Educational Resources

  •  Hiring the Right Person for Your Credit Union: A Blueprint for Interviewing (Webinar)
    Hiring the right person for your credit union team is step one in building the foundation to achieve the vision and goals of the organization. This webcast identifies strategies to conduct interviews that comply with legal guidelines, utilize effective questions with candidates and evaluate candidates for person job fit.
  •  Mergers and Acquisitions: A Decision Framework (Recorded Webinar)

    This webinar focuses on the issues surrounding the culture and fit of a proposed merger or acquisition. Successful integration, specifically change management, communication, and talent management, are also explored.

  •  How to Measure Your Credit Union Human Resources (Webinar)
    In order to ensure that you are effectively managing and deploying your staff, you need to identify meaningful measures and a clear framework for evaluating success. In this recorded webinar, learn how to successfully evaluate your credit union staff. You will also learn to understand formulas and benchmarks to help evaluate your people management, and gain knowledge of other credit unions' metrics and best practices in the industry.
  •  Does your credit union do prospective employee testing? (Blog Post)
    There are many benefits to testing new hire candidates and current employees (applying for new roles) on things like cognitive ability, integrity, job knowledge, and personality. In fact, it has been determined that cognitive ability tests are three times more predictive of a candidate’s ability than experience in the job and four times more predictive than education. Read more of this NAFCU Services Blog post.
  •  What is the Return on Your Human Capital Investment? (Podcast)
    Human capital — the collective skills, talents, knowledge, energy and synergy of your staff, represents the major operating expense in most credit unions, averaging 30% - 50%. Discover the quantifiable impact of an aligned human capital strategy and offer models for measuring human capital investment results, including organizational influencers and yields to profit.

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