NAFCU delivers ways to grow. To us, it's personal.

Dan Berger with Karen HarbinNAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger and Commonwealth Credit Union CEO Karen Harbin

“The only way to survive is to grow. NAFCU gets that and that’s what I see as the backbone to their services. Whether it’s dealing with regulation, support of a new bill, offering tools and resources or news – NAFCU is delivering ways for us to grow. That’s why our credit union is a member of NAFCU.”

Karen Harbin
CEO of Commonwealth Credit Union, Frankfort, KY


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For NAFCU, our mission is simple – we strengthen credit unions and help them grow. And to us, it’s personal.

We fight for the legislation and regulation that supports growth. We deliver leading, innovative content so credit unions can learn how to confidently move into the future. We produce customized reports and tools to help our members benchmark their success and plan for what’s coming down the pike.

Every decision we make, every position we take, every event we host and resource we create is all done based on what our members tell us they need to grow. It’s personal for them. And it’s personal for us.

Join a trade association that stands firmly behind you, works directly with you, and exceeds your expectations. Because to us, it’s personal. And you shouldn't stand for anything less.

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